'Trip Tri + 650, (ADL)

Original Triathlon Funny Bike! RARE!!! Mavic etc. | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Playford Area - Blakeview

Holy shit. Someone buy this for me. I’ll stick rizzorz and BMX flats on there and ride it like a boss all summer.

Cash withdrawal on the CC and flip something else to cover it, ya got a months grace.

Nah selling my roadie to fund the 'cross build.

parting or complete?

Complete I reckon.

How can he say “please no sms or emails”, how are we meant to know the size or groupset?

Do you guys think it’s worth getting my brother to have a look for me, he lives nearby?

why dont you just sms him your number and get him to call you?

You could possibly just call him and ask him the questions.


That’s a 24" surely! What an eyesore. Kind of like.


Thanks for giving me an idea for my new avatar.

yeah , it is .

I’ve currently got it in my shed ready to be boxed and shipped for a friend of a friend, internet style.