Triple Rush

Okay, so most of you probably know, have heard of or should have seen the trailer to Triple Rush, a new “reality” tv serious about bike messengers in New York City. I have been very interested in this series since the first video was put on youtube, there is no official release for Australia yet, but in time I can see it coming to Foxtel. I am sure there wil be a link to view it illegally somewhere on the interweb too…

“Triple Rush gives you an insider’s look at the chaotic workings of 3 different NYC courier companies as they battle for survival in this intensely competitive industry. We’ll witness the bike messengers’ hair-raising dashes through busy Manhattan streets – speeding between cars, racing through red lights and doing battle with taxicabs – all to earn a few dollars and support their lives in the fast lane. We’ll also meet the dispatchers, who balance the needs of messengers who want non-stop, lucrative runs, customers who want excellent service and owners who want kick-ass couriers who don’t make mistakes.”

Anyways, whats everyones thoughts on this concept?, any bicycle messengers here, whom would have it half as crazy as those in NYC? or is it more dangerous in Australia because the cars actually move? ha!

Oh also, props to the film crew on this show for their spectacular riding!

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Tiple Rush - Extended Preview

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the rest of us have been ignoring it in the hope that it would go away.

every time i see any clip or youtube video of ‘messengers’ i cringe.
these people at like they’re gods or something, it’s just a fucking job!

if you ride like a fuckhead you make danger for yourself.

quoted for truths

Whenever I’m riding through lots of traffic I like to pretend like I’m a real badass bike messenger in freezing NYC earning just a few bucks as I live life in the fast lane. Then I realise that’s stupid and I’m just a person who happens to ride a bike as a job. Where’s my reality tv show?!

But lets make it look as glamorous(for lack of a better word) as possible.

cynic |ˈsɪnɪk|
1 a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons : some cynics thought that triple rush was all a wanker love in a generation late.
Go watch Pedal.

i can tell you that the messengers of NYC arent that pleased about the show. 2 of the companies are considered jokes staffed by single summer rookies and 1 year ‘veterans’, the third slightly better.

one of the guys in the show is super awesome (having met him at CMWC2008) and worked with T(he)C(arnie) in vancouver. i like that he has hidden his actual name.

in classic ‘reality tv style’ much of the relevant and insightful industry commentary from long-term and repsected heads has been edited out to make way for the usual ‘drama’.

we’re all still going to watch it though, right…

Nick’s Triple Rush on Vimeo

Not that I want to bump this thread or anything, but what’s the deal with this video? He doesn’t seem to be doing any work, and it’s kinda just him doing wheelies and riding through traffic. No wonder he needs money.