Triple Rush

Hey guys,

Found this link to the first episode.


Watch Triple Rush

Haters gonna hate!

do you have to pay? i couldn’t work it

nawwww it must’ve been taken down! sorry guys. it was working last night when i posted it.

will be somewhere else soon, i’m sure

anyone got any links for E01/E02 to watch for free?

Triple Rush S01E01 |


Here too.

Ep 2 is here

If anyone would like slightly higher quality downloads pm me for the link

Show canned :frowning:

I watched episode 1 last night and found it particularly shit.

and how much of a wanker was the bald bloke in charge of one of the companies!

ep 3 here

Probably not as masculine but just as dangerous,this show reminds me of ‘Ax men’. I like it.

Cringe-y, but not as bad as I expected.