Triple Shimano Front STI shifter with double crankset

So, my barend shifter has crapped out and now the rear works only in friction mode and instead of paying ~85 for a new set of 9spd ones, I’m thinking of ‘shifting’ to STI, 10spd internal routed 105 can be had for less than $200 now in seems.

But, I’m think of buying a triple front shifter as I have a triple on my bike at the mo from touring and I don’t want to have to buy a double crankset right now but I will want to use a double in the future when not in touring mode.

I assume a triple shifter will work fine with a double crankset? i.e. lock out one shift with limit screws.

Anyone confirm/deny? Experiences?


Yes, will work fine. Shimano sold many many many sets of 105 triple shifters in the OEM market a couple of years ago, the majority of which were used on doubles with a standard double derailleur. Many of them broke due to a faulty pawl pivot which was somewhat, but not really, related to their being triples. It will be a dream for you there.

  • Joel