triple tri & split seat tube

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looks nice enough. i can’t see this cut in the minor seat tube that’s mentioned.

seller has a few other nice frames on offer.

‘turn quicker on the track’? thought the idea was to go straight and fast!

nice indeed, the nago roadie, lennie rogers track, another fillet brazed track?..

should’ve kept the wheels with the colnago though…at least have it complete, or part out fully.

hmm…gonna be in sydney in 2 weeks…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Keep in mind Mittagong is quite a ways from Sydney in the Southern Highlands (about 2 hours drive).

do it jase! I want that lennie haha. And those colnago pantod cranks are schweet!

Some better pictures would be nice…

looks like it in the last photo on the non-drive side seat tube…about an inch up from the bottom bracket.
i’d be asking for better photos of it.

I think, this might be the guy who was selling his dads old frame jig and frame building parts. He said his dad was a frame builder before he passed. He was also selling some tube sets.

And I feel bad when people list things with images quality like that, It would certainly stop them from reaching their full price potential.

Quite interested in this split seat tube frame, and live in Sydney!

This cut in the seat tube, can it just be brazed up like the seller suggests, or is it a case of replacing the complete tube? And what would the cost of this ind of repair be?

Must be time for a drive to the highlands;)

Would be really cool to find out more info about his dad and the frame building. But he wasn’t interested in sharing any info.

I really wouldn’t recommend just filling in the crack by brazing, the localized heat would distort the tubing, most likely pulling the frame out of alignment.
And after all there will still be a crack in there ready to do its evil work.

Replacing a tube would be the go

I find it incredible that he can list items and acknowledge they’re covered in pigeon shit. Who would want to buy anything from someone who couldn’t be arsed to spend two minutes with a bucket of soapy water?

Apparently, lots of people.

This cut is not right thru the tube and can be fixed up (Brazed) and does not effect the frame.

I wouldn’t count on it being ok. $500 is damn expesnive for a frame needing that kind of repair. I’d guess repair cost at least $300.

He could at least put a bit of spin on it or something, and say it is bonus guano fertilizer

we have some pictures, I asked the seller to email some close ups of the damaged area. looks like it has definitely been cut on purpose?

Fuck that! $500 is way too much, that stay would need to be replaced.


My thoughts exactly. If his dad was a builder is it possible that this was an experiment and perhaps a failure that he kept hold of for this reason?

Still I think that maybe someone will buy it for a wall. Maybe?

The cut is explained in the listing:
[i]This bike was custom built before the changes to track rules, where you had to have a gap between the back wheel and the frame… Another frame builder was going to remove the seat tubes and replace it with one. But was stopped. This cut is not right thru the tube and can be fixed up (Brazed) and does not effect the frame.

[/i]Half way through cutting the tube seems like a strange time to change your mind about altering the frame though. Meh.

… and can be fixed up (Brazed) and does not effect the frame.

That there is major untruth.

My father was a fitter/machinist and I know fuck all about lathes & mills. The sellers father was a framebuilder and it’s evident he knows fuck all about framebuilding.

dude also has an aero seat post which i think is a wise investment