Triple Triangle Raleigh Roadie - 1 1/2 Days left and cheap!

I’d be all over this if it was my size.

Raleigh Road Bike ‘Triple Triangle’ single speed/fixie? (eBay item 140488660704 end time 17-Dec-10 20:54:59 AEDST) : Sport

quite tempted, but it’d have to go cheap…

i fucking love triple triangles

get on it rolly
fo serious

wanna pick it up for me? haha

i’ve taken the first step and logged into ebay…

will keep my eyes on this and ask some questions.

all you wise folk, what we thinkin this will go for? yes i know it’s hard to say etc, but have a crack!!

where the shiz is ashburton?
I estimate $250

east side.

near glen waverly

I’ll pick up for beer

actually, just realised a family friend is going away for 6 weeks and i have the use of their massive toyota tarago :slight_smile:

edit - jimmyj, your price guess??

whatever you pay.

(read wouldn’t have a clue)

+$100 to the final price if Erle sees this.

I have other triple triangle frames if this doesn’t suit, please ask.

Hmm, Erle may have met his doppelganger.

that interested me too…

if anyone gets a hold let me know (i might contact him later tonight if i remember)

i’ve already emailed the guy asking what other frames he has, and what size they are…

haha as did i =D

that’s ok, i’ll just buy it off you 2 weeks later when you measure it properly… :stuck_out_tongue:


any up around 59-61 let me know. (assuming that’s too big for you guys)


yep, much too big for me. in all honesty the 56.5cm is probably too big for me really…

hahah snap!

nah, i was just being a curious bastard, no intention of buying, i really am trying to clear all my shit…forealz!

That Raleigh is average at best. I’ve seen one in the steel and it wasn’t so hot. Stamped dropouts people! I did miss the bit where he claims to have other triple triangle frames…

Anyone want to buy my Melbourne? Full gold Galli! (I’m serious too, I need cash to fund other projects!)

hes got a 53 and 58 Shogun tripple, i think he said Katana

here’s the reply i got. pretty much the same as jase’s but with little extra info

hi, raleigh is 56.5cm approx st c-c, joytech hubs and sumo rims, i have a 53 cm and 58 cm shoguns triples, cheers

i did a bit of research and think i’ll pass on this one.