Triple Triangle Raleigh Roadie - 1 1/2 Days left and cheap!

You’re probably right erle, but if you got it for $150 I think it would make a good beater

I’m sick of having so many beaters, if i buy this it’s another bit of coin not going towards a properly good bike.

Good point, but as much as I love beat up cars, I can’t seem to build a beater bike. I’ve tried and failed!

^what’s your melbourne like erle?

Exactly… looks like a hiten POS, except it’s trip tri!


It’s 57cm, 3T stem, bars, and post, Simplex retro frictions (best friction shifting ever), a suede Turbo, and everything else apart from the brake levers (grand comps) is Galli. It’s essentially as I bought it, though it needs new bar tape, and the tubulars replaced, and I have a spare used pair to go with it. It’s gold in colour and had a gold Benotto pump. Such a nice bike, and it rides really well, but I need to build other things and need the money and space:(

would you like me to build you a beater erle?

Some said better quality triple triangle??

SHOGUN 64CM ROAD BIKE 12SPEED 700CC WHEELS MADE N JAPAN (eBay item 120660335879 end time 28-Dec-10 20:00:33 AEDST) : Sport