TRP Spyre Brake Shudder

So ive put about 50kms on it and when putting anymore then 50% power i feel a shudder start to come on

This is for both front and back, when im full on the anchors it vibrates like crazy, kind of like when your headset is loose (which mine isnt)

When im stationary, and grab full brakes, and rock the bike i feel a little bit of ‘play’. It kind of looks like theres a bit of movements in the pads, although i have no idea how. rotor bolts are tight, skewers etc.

Bit of googling and i read something about a little bit of copper grease behind the pads??

anyone tried this or had this problem and fixed it??

fanks FOA

The pads are undersized for the holders, but that only affects rocking, not braking.

upgrade to shimano rotors and swissstop pads at your next convenience.

Then bed them in properly

thanks B, think ive got some spare pads and rotors i can have a crack with

Decided to try the copper grease trick, bit of a dab behind each pad. Seems to have worked a treat, no more shudder while braking.