True-ing wheels

This could be a stupid question as I don’t actually know the process in true-ing a wheel…but is it possible to true an aerospoke?

Bought one second hand - haven’t fitted it myself but a friend who tested it for 20mins said it was

  1. hard to get the tyre on…had to take it to his LBS and
  2. seemed to him like it wasn’t 100% smooth (although there are no noticeable buckles on it, on a visual inspection)

Thanks in advance

Have you tried putting it in the freezer? :expressionless:

This is the only thing remotely close to truing for 1-piece wheel. Also, if the LBS got the tyre on ok then your friend = fails at tyres. Does it go up and down or side to side when you spin it in the fork?

haven’t actually tried anything with it - am just thinking about selling it (decided not to put it on my current build), but didn’t want to sell a dodgy wheel without being properly informed.

I think it was his 3rd try at fitting tyres so yes, perhaps it was a fail.

Will try spinning it on the fork when I get home (at work on Easter Monday = fail). Thanks!

Amazing topic. A+++.

Yes FAIL with the tyre mounting.
Any warp in the aerospoke wheel is going to be difficult to fix. Another reason why potatoes are crap!

buy a new bike.

Sounds like it’s rooted. I’ll take it off your hands for half the price you paid for it cause I’m a nice guy.

You’re all too nice. I’ve told the buyer of all the issues, and selling it for (not quite half…but at a significant discount) to what I bought it for.