Truing stand

Any one got any recommendations for a good truing stand. I’m after something of good quality that will make the job a bit easier than using the old set of forks I’m currently working with. Needs to accommodate everything from 20" to 27" and from 100mm to 135mm spacing (possibly 150mm). Not going to be stretching all the way to the Park job ($600) probably under the $200 mark.

I use a minoura truing stand - definitely not a precision instrument like the shop quality Parks but HEAPS better than eyballing off a fork and a brake block. With careful hands I’ve built/serviced quite a few good wheels with it. It was about $100 around 5 years ago and came with a bonus dish stick. MY only gripe is it’s a tyre-off job which means I cant true my tubies.

anyone got some updated info for me? are the cheap ebay ones any good?

I’m interested in hearing this too, but pretty good (non-dished) results can be had using a fork and a zip tie which can be moved to check horiz and vertical trueness rather than by eye.

(Just sayin)

Zip ties are good idea.

I still use my forks but just loosen my brake caliper a bit and use that by moving it side to side

and, before zip ties were about, a pencil and an elastic band!

I’ve heard wooden skewers (like youd use to make skewers for a BBQ) with a rubber band work well.

I bought this from Ebay Marty

It was $49 or soemthing but supposed to be $129…it works well but I can’t even set it up correctly cam with NO instructions
There is just one piece I can’t fit properly.

You’re welcome to help me build my current wheels and then take it on a permanant loan!!!


I’ve found a place that sells the Park Tools TS-2 truing stand for around $330 posted. It’s probably a bit more than what most of you are looking at spemding, but it’s definitely worth spending the extra coin to get something that works, and at least it’s cheaper than one of these:
It’s next up on my list of shit to buy, and it’s around $1700 posted :oops:

I 2nd if you can get the cash for the park one do it I used cheaper ones for years untill finally bought one I have not looked back especially with the way the dollar is.

dont bother. we have one at work and all the bits are overkill, a standard park works just as well.

(we only got it because it was on super special and looks cool)

Wanna sell it?

yeah those pklie units look awesome! i’d be happy not to even use it, just have it sitting there looking cool.

anyone seen/tried these:

perhaps a good compromise between quality/price.

Dishing would be a pain it only has one feeler guage it is a copy of the ultimate truing stand I think. I don’t like complicated truing stands either I worked in a shop that had both the park stands i.e the ts-2 and the top dog one and I always used the ts-2.

why would dishing be a pain? park ts-2 would be nice, but i’m just a hack so don’t want to spend real money. what about the ts-8? could possibly stretch to this if there was a good reason.

The TS-8 looks like it wouldn’t be too bad. How much are they?

Also has anyone used this one:

I have never built a wheel either, and am pretty keen to give it a go.

When using the park stand you centre the feeler gauges so as you build the wheel it tends to stay in dish. With only one feeler gauge you have to flip the wheel to keep it in dish and constantly use a dishing tool to double check. It’s just quicker.

Looks a lot like the Minoura I have - it’s fine but not rock-solid like the shop-end Parks etc. Works good if you have a gentle hand and some patience (and I know know how to use it with tubbies still on :slight_smile: )