Truvativ Omnium anyone???

Has anyone used or heard anything on these. They look great and the external BB should provide a nice stiff setup. I’ve only found US prices, $200 with BB so it probably going to be a happy middle ground between a 75 and an alien (which happen to be sold out till december) anyhow who’s got the mail on these things?

Had a set to look at today.
Really chunky in the hand but look light and slick on a bike.
About $350AUD locally.

I know the Bleve has a paoron his Trek T1 track bike and loves them to bits. I have a pair of Shinny Black on order and should have them sometime in October.

350 eh, that’s a bit out of my league for now :-(. Well the search continues.

What do you need these cranks for (apart from obvious bling factor)? :roll:
I agree the outboard bearings are a neat idea, but you pay through the roof for them. For that kind of money you could get some Sugino 75’s and BB… just sayin’

I only had the us prices to go by so compared to the 75, DA or campy they were looking a bit cheaper. From the couple of reviews I’ve read they are stronger and stiffer than any of these as well. ISIS interface and external BB has got to be a step forward. Wish some other companies would take note. :wink: :wink:

I’m not sure that external BBs are superior. I’ve heard a few different gripes about them. I’ve heard that the points that take the rocking of the cranks are further outboard and while this probably makes the setup stiffer, it also delivers more force to the threads in the BB shell and so the risks of damage there are greater. Don’t know if it’s true. The bearings of external BBs also feel much less smooth rolling. Finally I’ve heard people say that the splines allow the crank to work loose more than a square taper does.

I’m not denying that external BBs are better. I don’t know. But I don’t think its as clear-cut as all that.

I’ve got an Ultegra outboard BB & crank on my cross bike and I can’t tell the difference between them and the Chorus square taper it used to have. The whole setup is lighter but on the road you can’t tell the difference.

The best thing about outboard BBs is that they’re a lot easier to remove and fit than a square taper.

Yeah good call, could be the undoing of an old frame like mine :oops: They were to $$$ to start with but now threre’s another good reason to perhaps steer clear. Thanks for the input guys :smiley:

I have a pair in my Apollo Record…

they look kewl, and are nice and stiff, although the left hand crank arm does become loose, if you have a nice big allen key to tighten her up routinely its not an issue.

I ended up going with these.
They’re the same as the aliens but with the actual manufacturers logo. I ordered the aliens first but they are out of stock and won’t have them again until December. See how they go eh :slight_smile:

I have had a few sets of those from Richard at Allegro. Seem to be OK.

I am pretty sure there will be an old timer at DISC tonight with a pair for sale.

DISC :expressionless:

Darebin Internation Sporting Complex.

sorry for bumping an old thread, I’m thinking of getting a Chris King bottom bracket and the Omniums seem to be the only choice.

This thread seems to suggest that I should stay away from the CK BB (and similar outboard BBs): Track crank/bb with outboard bearings | Road Bike, Cycling Forums

Is post #5 in that thread correct?

Pretty sure the omnium isn’t compatible with the shimano compatible bb (CK, hope et. al.) ones, they’ve got a tapered spindle. Hope makes a gxp adapter but I think it’s designed for mtb cranks and I’m not 100% it’ll work with omniums and road bb’s. I’ve got a hope road bb and gxp adapter to try with my elitas but I haven’t got around to it coz I’m on holidays and I’m lazy to the bone.

hmm ok. so it’s kinda pointless trying to find track cranks that will match that BB? Even the Dura-Ace 7710 cranks still use the Octalink interface…

AFAIK, the CK bottom bracket is compatible only with Shimano Hollowtech II external BB’s. My understanding is that the SRAM Giga-x-pipe (GXP) interface is different than Shimano and are not compatible .