Try colour co-ordinating this hipsters.

A rainbow of cool

Sorry - but that is the dumb.

What dumb-tard came up with that?

If it was the world champion rainbow colours it would still be dumb, but that is just dumb.

My original post must have offended someone. Dumb looks less conspicuous then BEEP.

It’s a PRIDE chain… not there’s anything wrong with that.


  • it looks good while your bike is leaning against a pole outside that really hip new bar.

  • it looks kaleidoscopic as you take your pista/NJS for a walk in the park.

  • looks like spinning poo when all the colors blur together as you ride…

Very poetic nurbs :lol:

that store is a fucking rip-off

Just like when your a kid and you mix all your coloured paints together

I’d love to see the olympic/track d00dz run a disc that had a properly balanced colour wheel. So that when they were at the right cadence BOOM she goes white.

Science: It works, bitches!

(either that or a checkered pattern that does funny stuff at PAL / NTSC hz - or makes the pokémon kids fall over :slight_smile:

Hey nice idea! The only thing that comes close to that on the track is the Araya disk wheel that has holographic lettering. When that baby spins, lets just say you wouldn’t want to be suffering from epilepsy! :evil:

Can’t you say BEEP on the interweb anymore? Censorship on the net, who’d have thought…