trying to buy a bike from the uk. help needed!


my mate’s just moved to sunny australia and i promised i’d try and find him a half decent bike. he’s got about $300 to spend and is looking for a fixed or ss bike.

i’d easily be able to sort him out with something here in the uk but i’m finding it slightly harder to build a bike from thousands of miles away!

he linked me to these guys -

Street Bicycles - great fixed gear and single speed bikes at a reasonable price

any one got any idea if they’d be worth his hard earned dollars or are there better off the peg options in oz? these bikes certainly wouldn’t be my first choice…

or, perhaps someone got a bike they’d be up for selling?

he’s now in melbourne and would need a size 54 frame

sorry if this thread is in the wrong place! any help would be great, thanks

Have I just not had a coffee yet, as i dont understand the purpose of this thread at all.

erm…thought i was being pretty clear but i guess i’ll try and elaborate more…

i live in the uk. my mate has just moved to oz. he’s never built bikes or bought second hand. i have so said i’d help him get a nice bike but i’m finding it hard to do so from the uk. i’m just trying to get some help from you guess who live out there. i couldn’t see a ‘for sale’ or ‘classifieds’ forum so thought i’d ask here…

does that make sense?

It.s thinly disguised spam on toast for brekky today. Link no good anyway.

definitely NOT spam lol. genuinely looking for help.

the link was some for site selling really nasty looking off the peg fixed and ss bikes. just wondering if any one had some advice on them

otherwise just looking to see if someone had a bike for sale or had any other ideas for buying down under

Worked for me…

Tell him to check out Goldcross cycles, pretty sure they had SE ss for under $400

Yes do this.

These bikes are some of the worst I’ve seen… as bad as Industrie bikes.

yeah they looked awful but those are the ones my mate suggested to me. need to find another solution before he goes and buys one of these!

thanks for the tip about goldcross cycles btw!

any other ideas or anyone selling?

yeah, I cant put this together either.

If he wants a cyclocross bike I can hook him up for $600. For $350 though, pm user ‘Dice’, he has a 54cm giant bowery for sale. Best buy for the money.

Just read through my op a couple of times. It’s really not that confusing.

Awesome. I think $600 will be way out of his price bracket but I’ll get on to dice now. Thanks!

'Tis sold.

The issue: it was your first post on this forum and you were linking to a site selling shitty bikes. This is classic spammer behaviour. You’ve since seemingly redeemed yourself. Tell him to get to goldcross, or get on the cell bikes website. They have ok bikes for around $400. Question answered.

^ Make your 4000th post a good one!

I still have questions.

What are they?

I thought HM was on the money with his response.

For what it’s worth, the op was pretty straight foward and understandable. It did seem a bit spammy, but I understood exactly what he wanted.