Tsundoku - a Japanese word for the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books.

I was going to post about books read this year but then came upon this word and thought it a more interesting theme. Hopefully, for the sake of the thread, I am not the only compulsive book buyer who has greater reading aspirations than time allows.

So, the instructions:

[ul]list the books you have bought this year but have not read that have languished on your bedside table, never making their way to the top of the pile[/ul]
[ul]provide a small amount of detail about the book or why you haven’t got around to reading it[/ul]
[ul]note if it was a new or second hand book or an ebook[/ul]

Cities and the Wealth of Nations – Jane Jacobs: this was part of a push to learn more about economics and more specifically about economic levers involved in the running of cities. (new)

White Noise – Don DeLillo: just didn’t get to it. Still keen to read. (new)

The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk: its sooo thick. (2nd hand)

How to Study Public Life – Jan Gehl: work related nerdery. Flicked but not studied. (new)

Naked Economics – Charles Wheelan: see note on economics. (ebook)

Last Bets – Michaela McGuire: I was excited to read this true crime book based on a Crown Casino event until I read a terrible review and then lost interest before I had even started. (ebook)

Power Without Glory – Frank Hardy: an attempt to get stuck into Melbourne-based stories. In the dauntingly long category. (new)

Connemara 1, 2 & 3 – Tim Robinson: I have every intention of reading this supposedly masterful series of nature writing. Next year. (new)

Weeds – Richard Mabey: sounded like an interesting take on nature writing. Note to self, stop buying so many ebooks. (ebook)

The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka – Clare Wright: so much research went into this book. In the end that’s what did it in for me, too much dwelling on detail, not enough forward momentum.(ebook)

The Immigrants - W. G. Sebald: I went on a Sebald spree this year and bought most of his books. Amazing writer, just haven’t got through them all yet. (new)

The Loud Earth - Elizabeth Murray: novella I didn’t get to. (new)

An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris - Georges Perec: obscure French urban meditation. (new)

Looking over the list, it’s the longer and more obscure purchases of the year that seem to have been neglected. Pretty sure I won’t learn my lesson.

Can’t contribute (I just read my housemates books!) but White Noise is worth it.

Good thread idea though.

I’ve stopped buying hard copies for this reason. I got sick of them sitting there making me feel guilty. Do Kindle e-books count? Because I’ve downloaded about a million of the classics, like Tolstoy, Victor Hugo, Dickens etc. I did read Anna Karenina by Tolstoy …spoiler alert… she dies.

Is there a word for the books that people have lent to you telling you that you should read them but you CBF and now you can’t give them back because they’ll ask you what you thought of it?

are these books for sale now?

I got the library at work to buy Wheeling Matilda for me… It’s been in my bag ages now.

So many… I’ve got a stack next to my bed that’s threatening to fall and kill me in my sleep.

Probably not, hoping to get to them at some stage. Anything in there you want/want to read?

Or maybe the task should be to take a photo of your unread pile.

Same. I have however waded into Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”.

Lord of The Rings - the two towers

I’ve started 1984 about a trillion times. I want to get into it, i just can’t :frowning:

excellent timing… i just started a book i got for Xmas last year last night (Morrissey’s autobiography - so far it reads like pages of smiths lyrics), in the process i rediscovered many of the other books I have Tsundoku’d. I got distracted by (re)reading a bunch of cycling bios (joe parkin and phil gaimon) and seemingly kilos of scandewgian crime fiction (on loan from mum so i felt like it had a time limit).

i’ll get a photo of the storage tub the books and magazines (also awaiting reading) are sitting in… plus type up a list.

when im tempted to buy random books, i remember that tub and its contents. sometimes its an effective deterrent… sometimes not.

i was vaguely interested in the eureka book. but it’ll probably be a year til i get to it too.

Can I play if I didn’t buy any books but pulled them off Ally’s bookshelf? I’ve started or pulled off a few books off the shelf this year

^go for it!

The Narrow Road to the Deep North - Richard Flanagan - I want to read it because Ally couldn’t put it down and ignored me for three days to the point I had dreams about the book and resented it. But I know it is sad and I don’t want to feel sad so I’m still staring at it on the coffee table right now.

Dracula… I’ve never read it! I decided it was time so I read the very long introduction then went for a bike ride and it has been under the bed ever since.

Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests - Anna Krien. I really enjoyed her investigative approach to whole male team sport culture thing in Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport and after visiting Tasmania for the first time was inspired to find more out. This one has been sitting on the drawers for eight months.

I’ve been good with buying and reading books this year (can we play the “books you’ve read this year” game cos I’m up to like thirty) but the one book I’ve tsundokued the crap out of is Capital in the 20th Century. Read the first 60 pages the day I bought it then, when I realised there were another 600 pages, decided I’d switch to something lighter for a bit. That was six months ago.

this has been on my ‘to buy’ list for ages. can i borrow yours? again, i’ll probably keep it for a year, then feel so guilty for keeping it so long that i’m embarrassed to give it back, and so end up keeping it forever.


Let’s do this closer to the end of the year so we squeeze in a couple more :slight_smile:

I quit books after trying to read poisonwood bible. That thing is like 90% adjectives. There was like 4 pages dedicated to describing a room. I don’t have time for that.