Tubeless - Air loss

My new bike was set up tubeless from the shop (with Stans sealant and stuff, Roval rims) and its loosing around 2-5psi over a 24h period. This was only done a week ago. Important to say I believe is that my bike currently lives in our very warm/hot living room as I cant afford another one that gets stolen. So do you think thats normal under the circumstances or should I be worried and this needs to be looked after?

Pump em up before you ride?

Brush some soapy waterover the rims and tyres, look for bubbles. It may need some fresh sealant.

Sure do, just want to know if I should be worried and look after it or is it normal under the circumstances and I dont need to be worried.

From the description you have a leak that the sealant is getting to. As mentioned above, soapy water will locate the leak, adding in some more sealant via the removable valve stem (you did get removable valve stems didn’t you?) and rotating the wheel so it can seal the wheel in the area in question will do the job.

2-5 psi over 24hrs isn’t much. I would top the tubes up with sealant and go shred.

That I do anyways :wink: The guys over at rotorburn say it may has to do with the Roval wheels Im running and that I should give it a few weeks. As its currently not really annoying me and as I run “high” pressures for tubeless anyway (28 & 30psi) I’ll just ride and see.

It really depends on the tyres you’re using. Are they UST or TR tyres? I have found Maxxis UST tyres to seat perfectly with a floor pump and not leak air from the get go. Continental TR tyres by comparison seated easily too (again with a floor pump), but lost about 5 psi overnight, and needed to be ridden for a days before they held air well. They still slowly leak air 3-5psi across a week or two. And I have WW friends that run non-TR tyres tubeless (mostly Schwable), they need to be seated using a compressor and they generally loose 3-5psi overnight (even with sealant).

I have heard of people laying down their tyres over a bucket overnight to evenly disburse sealant and seal pinholes in the sidewalls. I have not done this personally, and it would only really work if you are using two scoops of sealant per tyre, or so I would have thought.

28-30 seems quite high - why? Are you heavy or running narrow tyres? With high volume tyres and modern wide rims you should easily be able to drop 5-7 PSI off that (or more) and you’ll get better grip when climbing, cornering and charging through the rough stuff.

Check out the tyre pressure formula that Stans recommends. I was dubious at first but it works for me (NoTubes Tire Pressure)

Fwiw, my schwalbe one 28mm road tubeless don’t let see much at all, and they’re up over 50psi. I had a few tiny leaks at first but directed the sealant to the holes and it all worked out nice.

Stans methods comes to 23V and 26R and I may try this seeing that my tires are losing air anyway :wink: I’m new to tubeless and new to the bike so I took a base pressure to take it from there and lower it a bit every time. But as I run wide rims and wide tires I may just start with what Stan recommends. The tires are Specialized Slaugther and the Butcher and I think they are “only” TR. Lets see what the pressures do over the next few weeks. I’ll do suspect that these very high temperatures at the moment (we dont have aircon and its pretty much 30 degrees in here) are not helping the tires and/or the sealent either.

Sorry to hijack the thread but what bike do you have these on/type of riding do you use them for?

On my primate roadie, for mostly road but some gravel. They measure to 30mm on a23s.

Nothing wrong with ‘only’ TR. If they call them TR that means that they have a bead diameter and shape that should/will seat easily installed tubeless. The only thing with some super light TR race tyres is they can have very thin side walls. Personally, I wouldn’t run a sub 550g tyre on my 29er for anything other than a short course race; and I try to get tyres with high TPI for the same reasons of durabilty. Stuff getting a torn side wall with a 15km walk out.

But FWIW lots of non-TR tyres will work fine installed tubeless too - I think its only Kenda (and maybe Hutchison) tyres that may have a problem with sealant reacting with the their non-TR tyres.

If the shop installed the tyres for you they mightn’t have used enough sealant, so pick yourself up a quart and add a bit more (making sure to give it a good shake first).

re the bucket thing. Jump to 6:16.


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And as an aside, check out this trick new pump from Bontrager (Trek)


(Oh and make sure to drop me a line when you next find yourself in my neck of the woods.)

The bikes only a week old.

Tubeless can take at least a couple of good rides to settle in, dont stress its normal.

That Stan’s video is how I learnt to do tubeless.


Do we get them cheaper when we ALL order one?

And thanks guys, my tires didnt lose that much air over the last 48 hours (2-3 psi) and I just went riding with this bit of lower pressure. Felt great. I also dont lose any air over a ride which makes me believe that shouldnt be worried. Oh did I say that I already love tubeless? The lower pressure is awesome and its nice to know that no tubes are there that are just waiting to fail.

Didnt loose any air since a week, guess I’m fine.