Tubeless CX?

Has anyone tried tubeless for their cross bike for trails or racing? Thinking of trying it for the Dirty Deeds this season, tubulars being beyond budget atm.
Clinchers would of course work fine, but, I’m more curious than anything.

Ghetto tubeless

Yep, thats what im asking. Opinions?

I run ghetto tubeless on my mtb, and it’s easily the best upgrade I’ve made
Obvious advantages being able to run lower pressures, no pinch flats and increased traction… I’m yet to experience any ‘burping’.
If you never have to change tyres on your cross bike, then go for it – it costs like 20 bucks and well worth the effort. Just google to see which cx tyres work well.

I considered doing the same - ShifterDan convinced me of the merits of clinchers for longer rides out in the wop wops such as gravel grinders given the issues you might encounter with punctures etc. rather than tubs. For racing only, where being in a remote location with a puncture is not so much of problem, he rates them.

I wanted versatility so I’ve gone for a set of carbon clinchers using some cheap light rims I bought in from China matched with some nice light inner tubes and challenge grifos - it will be a pretty good set up for racing.

Ask Nikcee - he has a set of tubs for racing - clearly he is getting SERIOUS this year (like none of the rest of us no?).

I too am tubular curious so interested in hearing further opinions from those who run them - the pinchflat protection is appealing.

Btw HMC when are we going to see Sime’s racing kit designs unveiled?


Stu, are you referring to proper tubs? I am talking about clincher rims, with a sealent in the tyres, similar to what MTBers do. Obviously tubs would be the go but the budget just isn’t there atm.

AS for the designs, they are doing the rounds on the interwebz. Soon to be revealed.

There’s nothing preventing you from installing a tube out in the middle of no where w/ ghetto tubeless :slight_smile:


are you guys doing a group buy in for a custom kit designed by sime??? umm i want in

and back on topic, i read an article about doing this somewhere, will find and get back to you with details

Shimano Ultegra wheels are tubeless, and fairly decently priced.

Was this it?

EDIT: fixed link,sorry.

dead link but i think it was from there yes

HMC, so have you gone Tubeless yet? I think one team was running tubeless clinchers at Paris Roubaix this year, or was that last year? In any case there must be some people singing their praises in racing circles.

No I haven’t yet. From what i understand, rim and tyre choice is critical. Gonna do a bit more research first.

How about these? Alpha Road Wheels

Stans do a CX rim strip kit.
Better than ghetto, easier to inflate and will work on most road rims.
Rims available I know of are the Stans Alpha.
Complete wheels like the Dura ace scandium, Ultegra, Campag/fulcrum 2-way fit.


If you want to rule a rim out, I’ve read that open pros aren’t a good candidate for tubeless because their rim lip is shallower than some of the newer style clincher rims…

Have a word with

CX Mag has an updated (2011) article which explains which tyres have been proven to be tubeless compatible…

Going Tubeless for Cyclocross – Avoiding the Burp, Choosing the Best Tires, and a DIY System (Updated, Part III) | Cyclocross Magazine – Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos

I’ve got a set of the Ultegra Tubeless wheels so I’m looking to see what tyres I can get. I’ve got a set of Schwalbe Racing Ralphs, but they’re not recommended on anything but NoTubes/Stans rims, and the Schwalbe site doesn’t mention that they’re Tubeless Ready… Hmm. Do I risk it?