Tubeless road wheelsets

No not tubulars/singles. Think campag/fulcrum 2-way fit range, stans no tubes and hutchinson tubeless specific tyres.

In a purchase that would further widen the talent v equipment divide, I’m thinking of upgrading wheelsets on the roadie and am looking at the tubeless offerings, particularly the fulcrum 3s. Sounds like a reasonable compromise between the performance of singles and the convenience of clinchers (if you flat, throw a tube in and keep rolling). Biggest downside being the limited tyre choice.

Anyone here had first hand experience?

ive ridden a couple of sets. (shimano and fulcrum offerings, with hutchinson and another tyre if i remember correctly). really wasnt that amazing(no worththemoney difference in feel). TBH i prefer nice clincher tyres on nice clincher wheels.

Thanks - It’s interesting that the price differential is around $120 on the fulcrum 3 but only $30 on the campag euros. Would probably be worth giving it a crack and reverting to normal clinchers if it’s not my thing.

i think there is a proprietry mavic system out there now too

pfffft… aerospokes is where it’s at ya’ll

Not many tire companies have taken the concept on because it’s apparently quite hard to make the side walls safe, I am happy to ride tubeless mtb tires and road tubs (if I have glued them) but the the idea of 100psi in such a small tire freaks me out just my 2 cents.