Tubes and Tires?

Sup dudes, I was just wondering some good, high pressure 32 to 38c tires are? Also with the right tube, will a 19mm wide rim take tires of this size?

it will but you might get roll offs…

Well, I’ve gone as big as 34c Conti Sport Contacts on my CXP33 communter wheels - lovely ride but a bit slow to spin up and I found 'em quite squirrelly in corners - could be to do with soft sidewalls (or maybe a function of excess rider weight :o ). 28c seems to be where it’s at for me on skinny rims, YMMV.

I’ve been riding 40mm tyres on Mavic road rims for a couple of years with no problems.

I’m running 35’s on an old set of Ambrosio’s and so far no probs. Probably jinxed myself now though.

I ran a 40c Michellin City on my 19mm B43’s with an appropriate tube and it was fine at recommended 75psi tyre pressure.
I had one roll off to tube explosion.
My lady has 28c Fyxation’s and they run fine at 100psi also.
I’ve not tried Rando’s 32-37c but others have been running them for a while and they too seem fine.

I have 35c randos on alexrim da22 at the moment, with no problems.

Is it just me, or do Randos wear away really fast? seeing red on both tires (rotated them) after a month or so

Agree. Didn’t get much life out of my 28’s.

Go Randos for sure, long lasting and nada punctures.
Been using them for yeeeears.
cant go wrong.

You dont find you skid through them quickly?

running michelin 32c and skid the crap out of them and they are still. great tyre cheap too and they come in some big sizes

Velocity Chukkers

Kenda Kwiktrax 38c @ 80 to 90 psi

Tread like BMX tyres.

Roll hella nice.

Not into trickin, but a thorough site search led me this as the most apropriate thread to tack my Q onto.
Hope ya don’t mind.
I’m planning a Roadster type build(MS 2star) with modern components. These rims ALEX G6000 / FORMULA HUBS TRACK & FIXIE WHEELSET - eBay Road Bike Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 25-Sep-10 20:04:33 AEST) are quite gutsy and will be sufficient on what will essentially be a cruiser.Looking around here it seems that I would be safe to get away with 38 or even 40’s on these rims to retain the fat tyre old school roadster look.
Thoughts feedback on this combo appreciated.

Cheers Dave

Dave I would think the Alex rims would not take such a wide tyre seeing as they’re only 16mm wide.
I ran a 40mm Miche on a 19mm B43 rim so I think the biggest your might go is 32mm or maybe 35mm.

I found my rando 28c to last for ages, I run a front brake but also skid a bit.

Fyxation 23c go up to 120psi, their 28c’s are more like 32c’s and they get pumped up pretty high as well, grip like a gorilla.

Cheers Markee, yeah the Sheldon Browne table suggests 35/37 as a max.
I also noticed the specs on ebay say 16, but the tech diagram says 17.

Would that 1mm make a big difference to width limit of tyres?

I went from B43’s @ 19mm wide to H+Son EERO’s @ 22mm wide using a 40c tyre and haven’t had any roll offs yet, a few tube explosions but that’s more down to technique when doing tricks though.

I dont think 1mm is going to make that much but I wouldn’t go wider than a 35c on those wheels.
With wider tyres you get more sidewall, so in turn more flex and also comfort but more chance of roll offs and also the max pressure is also lower too. Like 75psi is the upper limit on the Michellin City’s I’m using but they can be run as low as 55psi.

Cheers Markee, comfort is probably what I’m aiming for.
This bike is going to be similar to a Pashley guvnor style wise and used for low speed city cruising and coastal holiday town riding.
definitely won’t see any hard flexing.
I’m just after the same chunky look as the original 28 x 1 3/8 tyres.

Edit, just looking at online conversions ,and it seems 35’s are a match for 1 3/8, so all is good.
Thanks for the help.