tubular tyres for the boards


Does anyone have any recommendations regarding tubular tyres that are best for riding track?

I’ve had a squizz around and the range of Continental tyres seem to be quite popular. I’d look at spending perhaps up to the Conti Tempo mark (~$130), but if a Sprinter would be good enough ($80), then I’d settle for the cheaper option.

Any others worth considering?

What are the merits of a fine diamond knurl tread pattern versus a full slick tyre? Would I be correct in surmising that slick would be better on timber (i.e. DISC)?

Also, does anyone have any experience in sticking tubulars to rims? That’s my next challenge…

Pretty sure Dan at Shifters does sticking

Ta, but I’m interested in giving it a go myself - Has anyone else stuck their own tubs (successfully) before?


Not all that difficult.

I’ll search out some links that I found way back when explaining how to do it, as it’ll do it better than I can explain.

Other than that, a demo is the way to go.


Whaddya ride on Lats?

I just found these online and they seem like rather a good deal, yes?

Race wheels I’m on conti SonderKlasse (probikekit @ 120 each I think from memory)

Trainering wheels I just have something cheap and heavy! Well at the moment I’m using my ksyrium elite front wheel coz I haven’t glued a new tyre onto the other!

They are a great deal. Latex innertube means you’ll have to give them a good pump every time you use them as I understand they loose pressure more quickly than a rubber tube.

From what I know they are good rubber.

Hey that’s probably why that time-trial-hat-trick bike had a pump on it. Cos the tubulars were using such lightweight latex that they needed pumping up during the race.

I race on Conti Sprinters, really nice on the boards. As for sticking on your tubulars, the old school guys have been doing it for ages so ask them down at disc.

Which night do you go Tex?

Has anyone used tufo adhesive tape rather than than glue?

It looks a lot easier than the glue method, but I’m guessing not as secure?

Prove me wrong, I’m keen to avoid the masses of gluing and drying time (and the smell) required with the contact glue…

The smell of contact adhesive is a reason to use the glue :smiley:

tufo tape is too easy - chooboolars are supposed to be difficult/fussy/messy - steer clear of tufo

hmmm, Supposed to be? but does it HAVE to be Rogaine?

Blakey has used it here, I’m not sure what his longterm results were?

Obviously too tongue-in-cheek!

Tufo tape has worked just fine for me, can’t see the glue pot or shellac coming out again.

hah! …put in a wink :wink: if you’re going to be so tongue-in-cheek Rogaine! :wink:

Ta, this is good news!

I reglaury ride Tufo S3 Pros on the boards as well as Schwalbe Milano.

I prefer the S3 as they seem to grip better than the Milano, but the Milanos were quite new when i rode them the first time and slipped a bit.

I prefer glue to tube tape.

Thats All

Any particular reason for that Mr Ox?

Sometimes if rims aren’t super clean the tape wont stick properly and can peel and roll a tyre. Also from memory i had a mate in the US using it once and he tried to take off a tube and put it on a different rim (Carbon) and the tape pulled up some of the carbon and also tore a $150 tyre in the process.

Most glues are designed to be “Broken” before you can take the tyre off. So there is a bit more security in using glue. It my be a bit more tricky, messy, and a right pain in the arse but glue is the only way to go.

You can reuse tubs after they’ve been glued? Learn something new ever day!

I was always under the impression (never actually having used one before) that you stuck them on, rode them till they burst or were too worn, then replaced.

Is there any way to patch tubs?


They have inner tubes, but they are sewn into the tyre. You can undo the stitching and remove the tube.

You’d bloody hope so otherwise a flat tyre could end up costing a lot of $$$