tubular tyres for the boards

My rims have old shellac on them… Does that mean that I have to clean them off completely to use tufo tape?

Luckily, I’m not playing with carbone.

(I ask here, because tufo’s instructions are notoriously lacking in information)

re: tub repair:

I was speaking to Abbotsford who said that there was an old dude up the country who used to repair tubs. They didn’t know where he was at, whether he was still alive still these days.

They said that I should ask out at DISC.

I’ve also searched for ‘tubular tyre repair’ and Park tools seem to have a good guide to sticking and repairing tubs.

I would suggest clean. Its a long hard job. Depending on the rim, use a wire brush and acetone.
This means that when you glue a nuew tube on, you will know what kind of glue has been used (ie conti) then if you ever need to replace, you can using conti glue again. Some glues don’t mix with others, so if you don’t know what your starting with you don’t know if it will adhere.

In summary - start with a clean slate.

Greg (rides from DISC - a yellow basso with modern pistas) popped a sonderklasse at training last season. Cost him $35 to have it repaired. Not bad considering a replacement was $150. I think he got in contact with an old bloke (it has to be the same old bloke doesn’t it) through Fitzroy cycles!

Hope this helps.

Will we see you at DISC this Sunday?

Thanks Lats. This bike is nowhere near complete, so it’ll be a little while before I head out to DISC. Hopefully it won’t take months…

Interesting… does that mean we’ll be seeing you out at DISC this sunday Lats?


Rowing Saturdays, DISC sundays (unless its beautiful outside and then I’ll be out on the river or the road bike).

Bringing a couple of mates who are thinking about doing a track season this year tomoz.

See you at 8.

When I raced track, repaired tubulars were only fitted to training wheels. You can feel the repaired section hitting the track.

Agreed. I’m not sure if Greg has ever raced, so its only for training?

Blimy! Don’t tell me I have to have a ‘good/ race’ set of wheels and tyres and a ‘training’ set? :wink:

Is that how you others play it?

And how long does a set of ‘race’ tyres last then? A season? 'Til you pop them? (or should that be - how long does a set of tubs usually last? (and I don’t know if the answer would be in time or distance…))

I rocked up to DISC one tuesday night in my jeans - just to watch Cam ride around in circles. One of the guys there introduced himself and said to me: “So, do you have pedals for those shoes?” I replied “yes” and he said “OK. Go get a bike from the cage and get out there!”.

So I went and grabbed a Fuji from the cage, propped the saddle up a bit and rode like a spaz for two hours. It was one of the best evenings I’ve ever had.

The more tubs you stick on the easier it gets.

I’d be happy to help anyone that wants to have a go.

Did my second one yesterday (first one was a year ago!)

Got glue everywhere the first time. This time, much cleaner, much easier.

Did it whilst watching the Untouchables. What a classic film!!

So Nath, I might just turn up tomorrow night as I know have a front wheel that is bolt on!!!

I think I might take you up on that offer Lats, once the bike is close to being ready to roll! Ta. :slight_smile:

You should just come down and borrow a club bike in the mean time!

Track racing wheels don’t get a lot of miles, tyres often last years (depending on how often you crash). :roll:

I think mine would have done under 50kms in one season! Praps more if you count the rollers warming up.

OKies, so I ordered some uber-light Vittorias.

I’ve been playing round with cleaning the shellac off my rims and have managed to work out that leaving a rag soaked with metho on the rims overnight softens the shellac to the point that you can just scrape it off with a plastic spoon.

So my wheels are now almost clean, just a bit of soaking tonight and cleaning tomorrow remains.

In cleaning out the spoke holes/eyelets, I’ve found that they seem to have a wax protecting the nipples from the shellac. Am I guessing that this is a common (and logical) practice to allow the nipples to be adjustable?

Then I get to enjoy the fun of gluing!

The other method was to put bits of cork in the holes to achieve the same result!

Tubular wheels are such arcane things…

If I use tufo tape, I presume that this is not required? But with contact adhesive, it would be? (or… have you done anything along these lines too?)

TUFO tape has fairly poor rolling resistance

…compared to a road glue? Or to shellac?

I don’t plan on using shellac again, to avoid a repeat of the amount of cleaning I’m doing now.

Just use glue mate.
Its not that messy and as long as you keep using the same type (ie, vittoria or conti) you’ll have no problems in the future.
Mind… I hope you don’t have to replace tyres to often!