Tubulars....where to buy?

Anyone know where to get some ‘cheap’ tubluars from. I was given a set of wheels that need some rubber on them, and considering they will hardly get used don’t want to thrown cashola at them.

How cheap?

You can get basic vittorias for $30-40 (bike shop opposite the gabba)
Clement (made in Thailand) for similar, (seen in Ipswich)

I believe there’s a Conti Sprinter Gatorskin available now, which would make life easier on the street. Don’t know if you can get them in Oz yet.

Conti Giros also $40 mail order.

I’ve got a few pairs of basic Vittorias. I’ll part with them for $25 ea (ie $50 a pair). I’ve also got a few pair of Tufos, if you’re after something a bit racier.


NOW we’re talking.

Check these out:


conti giros $60 the pair B.I.N.