Tuesday and Thursday rides

A couple of my workmates and I are doing some morning rides on tuesdays and thursdays.

Tuesday is a short Boulevard loop, Johnson St then around the boulevard to Heidelberg Rd and then back.

Thursday is a gentle spin around Albert Park for a couple of laps.

We start at 7am in Carlton, anyone’s welcome.

It’d be good to get some other fixed riders along, especially for the Tuesday ride as I get left behind on the downhills. I blow them away on the climbs though. :slight_smile:

If anyone’s interested let me know and I’ll fill you in with the details.

Yep! Put me down for a Tuesday morning Boule’.

Sounds good. Tuesdays might be difficult but Thursdays are probably ok.

Where’s the start?

I can meet you at AP on Thursdays for the laps - where and what time do you usually roll in?

Figured ndf would be first in…

7 am, 33 Lincoln Square South, Carlton

Well, ndf’s in for tomorrow.

Anyone else?

Err… Well if you told me what time and where you rolled into Albert Park Nath, I’d be in and meet you there…?

Tuesday morning Boule’ sound good to me but it’s a little early

After last week’s horrible experience negotiating the traffic hazards around AP we’ve decided to go somewhere else on Thursdays now.

One of the guys knows a 25 k loop through StKilda, Port Melbourne, Westgate Park and back to the city so I think we’re doing that this week.

All welcome but it may need to be even earlier!?!?