Tufo tape residue removal?

Got some pre-loved road tubbies that are due for a re-glue, one of my tires has been stuck on with Tufo tape and after removing it there’s a fair bit of adhesive residue from the tape still on the rim. It’s pretty persistent stuff - is there an easy way of getting it off or am I up for sore thumbs?

Try using either ‘Prepsol’ - which is a automotive cleaner - Works rad on pretty much most surfaces for gettin shit clean…either road tar off paint, sticker adhesive of plastic etc…
Either Repco/autobahns will have it or just flick ur local Panel beater a few bucks for a small container…

Or Just a real good citris based cleaner…
I’d go with Prepsol…

Ive never used tape, but generally if using glue you dont really need to remove all the glue from the rim. In fact its better if there is still some on the rim when you re-glue.

So as i say, never used tape, but may not be the end of the world if you cant get it all clean.

Yep, a little glue residue isn’t a problem but this stuff is clearly a very different adhesive and there’s lots of it. I don’t want to run the risk of compromising or contaminating fresh glue with something that ain’t the same stuff (and then having it fail in a crit!)

Get some cheap small brass wire brushes - onto an electric drill and lighty remove residue.
Will not damage rims like a non brass one- i like the ones that look like small wheels about 5mm wide.

Acetone might be your best bet for dissolving glue,plus it’s heaps nicer to work with than citrus solvent.

Acetone will only get off the little bits at the end and clean off residue to prep for more glue/tofu tape. To get the bulk off the best thing hands down is http://www.goof-off.com/. They sell it at my local bunnings (high point) but I am not sure if they sell it at all of them. Use a plastic tyre level for the big spots and a rag for the rest. Let it sit for a minute before working it to get it all soft. Make sure you do it outside though with good ventilation and maybe even gloves. I do this all the time on my carbon road rims and it works a treat.

Aaah Goof-off, didn’t think of that, brilliant!

It’s a zipp 404 I’m trying to get the tufo shit off of so that’ll be the ticket. Might even have some in the shed (it’s also one of the only things that will get hard chewy out of kid’s hair)

Yeah goof-off does everything! It’s like the wd-40 of the cleaning/removal world!