Tumbleweed *crickets*

Where have all the new builds gone? This thread was pumpin last year but it seems to have dried up.
Anyone in the process of building a sweet bike?

Will be in about 2 weeks hopefully! Waiting for King Douche’s insurance to pay up after he thought it was ok to ‘just not see me’ as he turned his Ford Focus into me sending me arse over tit into the Tarmac… Luckily I got off with only a ‘grade 2 shoulder separation’ but the china pursuit is totalled :frowning:

I’ve got something in the works too.

Might post my new one up tomorrow night.

I’ll have a new build up soon.

Yeah me too,
one new,
Two re do’s.
One is just waiting on one bloody spoke I broke.

I have to take moar photos of this now that it has a chain & pedals:

Vetta steely with brifters, slow burner hangin in the shed at 80%.


Actually, I have two things on their way… But neither of them are fixed

Waiting for the chrome platers to hurry and chrome my Kumo.

also have something building! but poor. so :frowning:

I’ve got a late 90’s LOOK CX on the go, but waiting on some parts to arrive… I’ve got to get some of my bikes up here actually. Been lurking too long.

i should post my concorde once i get seatpost/saddle sorted

ps steve 999 posts!

^ should, but you won’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed my Genesis from a street fixed gear to track bike a couple of months ago. Been meaning to post an update for ages, but was a) forgetful, and b) bashful. It’s as its shiny but nothing special. :squishsquish:

Tell me your going to buy this:
Concorde Campagnolo C Record Seat Post w/ Selle San Marco PDM Team Seat RARE! | eBay

I am just riding my bike. Have nothing to build at the moment… and a wife that thinks the shed is fully of bikes already. My mountain bike needs attention though, new wheelset coming due to broken spokes on the weekend. Too much getting rad I think.

I’ve built (well blakey has really) two new bikes in the last 6-8 weeks, but figured most people have seen them through various other sites etc.

probably not though, I should post my real hillman, I like it a lot.

Once I’m happy with my latest build I’ll post it up!