Tumbleweed *crickets*

saving up for wheels then i’ll have a rebuilt merckx with a mixed sram group to post

this. all the new builds are over in the road or cx section…

Oh yeh, mine will be over in the road section…

Maybe time to change the site name to ‘Sans Fixed Gear Australia’.

Building a 2000 KHS Flite (fixed) at the mo - will post when done.

I built a mad Fix-C It has aerospoks and is colour matched

1 tourer, 1 fixay. like to keep my bases covered.

Surly Crosscheck in the pipelines… Its got ugly titec h-bars and 'nuff headset spacers. Will be fixed initially until I bite the bullet and equip it with rohloff running gear and dynamos and stuff, but that wont be for a while. Mudguards… racks… maybe SPdandals


I’ll be posting my Perkins roadie on the weekend.

you may post my ride for me, roland.

I’m thinking about building my street frame up brakeless fixed CX for open category at Deeds. Want to take on Mat Gray for the brakeless crown.

I’m fully aware he’d spank me.

would be good watching.

yeah I really should get around to doin that hey!!

Mine’s up: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f42/primate-road-bike-23148/

i will post my kumo asap

Everyone is waiting until November-ish, so their build is fresh in peoples minds when it comes to the FOA bike of the year award. You know i’m right.

need to get insurance sorted and then see if the frame is still straight, then i’ll have another build to go. in the meantime i’m just building a dirt jumper and new polo bike

LOL!!! True!

Will put up a post of the Kona with the new bits this week.

A full write up will be done when finished but here is my Superb Sprint. 53cm frame, mavic rims, nitto stem, colossi bars, concor super corsa saddle, roselli cranks, time atac pedals, generic headset and seat post. Its light and tight. Need to wrap the bars this weekend. I’m stoked with how its come out, been sitting on this frame for about 6 months.

It’s little wonder after the massachusetts incident now is it…?