turbo trainer

Is anyone still interested in heading to naths tomorrow night for tdf windtrainer action? Nath, is it still cool for 3 or 4 of us to come over? if not, i reckon sundy morn at disc sounds superbo… could finally be time to seal the seat deal JLHK!

I should bring back those DVDs and radiology disc as well…

I’m still keen :wink: John(dub) those discs are yours to keep!

I’ll clear out the front room and get some beer for the fridge - let me know if you can make it by pm or email: nathan at undershorts dot org

re: discs - thanks, that radiology one is cool

Will let you know in the morning if I’ll be around in the evening. Could do with a night off from the lesbian gang.

I can cover for you if you need.

nude lesbians on windtrainers




I can cover for you if you need.[/quote]


No tour for me tonight, have to go to a farewell dinner.

Will be at DISC in the morning though to shoot some pics.

No worries John, maybe see you out at disc tomorrow :slight_smile: