tuxedo fixie

Just another build i have just finished on something to do some skids on.

Velocity B43’s look nice. Nearly put on another set of B43’s that are all black with yellow spokes. Looked too emo tho. In the tuxedo theme seat, cranks and bars will soon be white as well some vinyls for it that I have to find some motivation to draw.

I was possibly thinking of going nuts and putting on some fluro wrap thing on to it similar but not as over done as the Giro Lance Livestrong bike. feedback welcome. If you hate it dont go into detail just let me know.

thankyou to my boss at bikeculture.com.au for the stuff.

fine specimin, what is the frame?

Man, leave it as is. looks rad. Whats that frame?

Is that a matt black? If you are going to do some vinyls, make them nice and subtle with a clear vinyl. Just an idea.

yeah i might do some sort of hand drawn thing with white vinyl’s. Its mostly a mongoose maurice 4130 bike. I have built about 10+ of them for mates and stuff. Give me some inspirational for the next one. I just baught the last 6 mongoose had.

I will be doing a taxi X fixie soonish but other than that need more ideas.

go bumblebee from transformers instead of the taxi!

that bumblebee car is hot. thats 1 of 5. stil 4 others to go.

  1. Astro Boy
  2. Gumby
  3. Gadget
  4. Boobs
  5. “That local sporting team”

maybe the local girls netball team sporting boobs whilst posing like astro boy and gumby… or just playing with a gadget.

Thats a good excuse for those dildo bars then.

great love the idea. LOL

tomorrow the osaka sun fixie will be built red/white with japanese graphics.

The Fixedgearlondon x Vans bike had matt black powdercoat with gloss black detailing. Looked HOTT in real life.

i like it but enjoy how i built the tuxedo. the fixgearlondon is a little emo and riser stem leads me to think its built for someone goofy.

You had me at the radial spokes…

ah man it would be awesome if you could have something like this

on the steerer tube.

hey thanks tangent. I will get that on there some how. That would look awesome.


what about a ratrod bike? frame could be a maroon/brown primer colour with black b43, silver spokes and silver hubs, white wall tyres. and a brooks saddle or similar

just an idea

I just in the last 30 seconds came up with the idea for a Transformers themed bike. A, autobot or deceptacon badge on the front would look wicked.

eg/ Optimus Prime fixed:- red frame, royal blue deep Vs (or b43s if you’re that way inclined), autobot badge… ummm thats all i got so far

the osaka sun bike is coming along but the graphics are the breaker on it. bossman has some on the gallery at bikeculture.com.au but its not finished by a long way. Japanese text vinyl will go full length on the top tube and also got a soma arc handlebar for it which should look sweet. guitar hero is taking up more time than first thought currently tho and is slowing the progress on the other builds.

Fruit salad fixie?

Green tyres, White rims, Pink or red spokes and hubs = watermelon!!