[TWBD] Local List Ticker (Sat Aug 31st)

Here are the details for the next “There Will Be Dirt” ride :

There Will Be Dirt #31

Visiting : Bald Spur, Andrew Hill, Toolangi, Pauls Range, Mt Jerusalem, Mt Everhard
Distance : ~115km
When : Saturday 31st August, 8:00am @ Hurstbridge Train Station
Where : TWBD 31 - Local List Ticker in Hurstbridge, Australia | MapMyRide
More details : There Will Be Dirt: Local List Ticker

I’ve got a long list of roads and trails I want to ride - this TWBD will seek to shorten that list a little. Centred around the Kinglake/Toolangi area, the highlights for me will be :

UP Bald Spur Road
DOWN power lines track on the other side
UP Andrew Hill
Connect from Myers Creek Road to Pauls Range (HAB!)
UP Hunts Lane
UP Mt Jerusalem Track
DOWN Mt Everard Track

There’ll be a lot of climbing. This is the first decent ride that I’ll do on a geared mountain bike (ever!) and I want to get my money’s worth! I can say there’ll be some very steep climbs, some singletrack and possibly some untracked hike-a-bike, in addition to the usual fireroads, gravel, paved roads etc. They’re the knowns. As for the unknowns, you’ll have to come out and see for yourself because I’ve got NFI.

Bring 2 bidons minimum; we’ll do lunch/beer at Toolangi Tavern; if you’ve got a choice of bike go for the one with the lowest gears (plural) and the fattest tires.

NOTE: This one’s on the Saturday!

See ya there!


What’s all this then?

This is a series of road rides where “road” may include smooth bitumen, bike track, potholed country roads, gravel/dirt roads and singletrack, all in the same ride. There may be significant climbs and the distance will be over 100km.

whoa. number 31. really?! that’s awesome.

There are people that talk and people that do.

Angry is a doer of the highest calibre.

Dang, I have booked in for a different big gravel ride over that weekend, things just don’t align for me with these.

I’ll have to explore up that way by myself I guess.

I fall firmly into the first category :stuck_out_tongue:
it doesn’t help that i have a prior engagement that evening.
any idea what time you’d get to Toolangi Angry? might ride there then bail.
according to google maps lillydale and hustrbridge are roughly the same distance from toolangi
Anyone have any recommendations as to which one is quicker/easier/less death defying to get to on the main roads?

Yeah, they start to add up huh? First one was in 2009. Still so many places to explore…

Probably get to Toolangi about 12pm but no promises.

For my money, Toolangi -> Lilydale = Yarra Valley tourist traffic, Toolangi -> Hurstbridge = less traffic and more established bike route. I’d go Hurstbridge.

Sad to say I have to bail on this ride due to stuff happening IRL. Someone go ride it though and get a bit lost, take pics, write story etc. sigh These bits, these bits, stay on my list, you know these bits, these bits, I can’t resis… ah fuckit.