[TWBD] The Wombats That Ate Lancefield (Sun 9th Jan)

Here are the details for the next “There Will Be Dirt” ride :

There Will Be Dirt #18

Visiting : Wildwood, Lancefield, Cherokee, Riddells Creek
Distance : ~180km
When : Sunday 9th January, 7am @ Fed Square
Where : http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/TWBD-18-The-Wombats-That-Ate-Lancefield
More details : http://therewillbedirt.blogspot.com

A long, cruisy (mostly) flat ride to start the new year. This one heads out north for a tour of some beautiful country roads and lanes in the shadow of Mt Macedon. Big views, big skies and big wombats will be the order of the day as we hit up Lancefield in search of long-extinct megafauna before paying a brief visit to the lower parts of Mt Macedon to check out some of the back roads and big trees in its foothills.

Not too much climbing and no singletrack on this one so it should be a pretty cruisy ride through some of my favourite country places.

See ya there!


What’s all this then?

This is a series of road rides where “road” may include smooth bitumen, bike track, potholed country roads, gravel/dirt roads and singletrack, all in the same ride. There may be significant climbs and the distance will be over 100km.

The emphasis is on getting out into the countryside, off the beaten track, the smaller and more obscure the road the better. I’ll be riding a fixed-gear (or single-speed!) cyclocross bike but all bikes are welcome. Don’t ride something you’re afraid to get dirty. Rides continue rain/hail/shine.

Word life. HMC in.


I’m wondering if your definition of cruisy ride is similar to my definition of hard slog.

its not pace-wise, of this i can be sure.

the pace is defined by the group and its rarely above a 25km/hr average (and usually closer to the low 20s)

but the difference is more like that angry can do a “cruisy ride” for many hours. :wink:

The travel there and travel during kinda put me off, but due to holidays and stuff, I’m a maybe.

Yeah, it’ll be just like one of your brewery rides Lyndon except less speed, more distance, less beer, more gravel. I’ve got some 28mm Marathons and a few sprockets lying around if you wanna fatty up, gear down and come with.

hrmm thinking of throwing 25 or maybe even some 28’s on the roadie for this would that work?

The last brewery ride, although short, was pretty fast I thought…

Yeah, go 28s if you can. I’ve ridden 28s on these roads and it was fine. You’ve ridden ridge road at yan yean? This ride’ll be lots of that sort of surface.

Edit: Or go wider if you can. Check out Grand Bois tires - nice and wide and supple - Commuter Cycles stock them.

i have some fyxation 28s you could borrow… its unlikely ill use them for this ride.

if they fit im in

Stumbled across some 24mm Vittoria open pave EVO cg clinchers at work… Should make the roadie rideable for this installment of TWBD…


had a look at jams 28 fixations, there aint no way they will fit in the merckx, i might be able to run some 25 gator skins though, other wise i’ll go talk t commuter and see what hugh say’s

are TWBD virgins allowed? if so i am in, im thinking the surly will make its first proper outing (ie without beer strapped to the back with an old tube).

Yep, virgins are welcome, as long as you feel like riding 180km and hitting all sorts of dirt roads.

Edit: Actually you don’t have to do the full 180km if you don’t want to. Just as a general comment, I fully encourage people to do as much or as little of these rides as you like e.g. For this ride you could plan to finish up at craigieburn and catch the train home. Whatever works for you. No rules to break - nothing to prove - just have fun riding.

180km is a proper distance! sounds good.

have stuff on in the afternoon of the 9th. might tag along to the airport then head back.

bleh im out. have to work :frowning:

I’m out for this one too :frowning: