Tweed Fondo - May 6

I’m doing the 136km option of this over the Labour Day weekend (the Sunday). A friend, new to cycling, is keen to have a crack at something a bit longer and I’ve offered to go along. Not expecting blistering pace but we will see.

If anyone else is keen, I will have a spare seat in the car.

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I have bad memories of that road down through Pottsville. Interestingly they’re not going all the way to South Golden Beach Ryan :wink:

why’s this?

The road is an absolute piece of shit. If you stopped pedaling I reckon you’d go from 30kph to stopped in a few meters it is so dead. It’s coarse pave that sucks the life out of every pedal stroke. Ryan and I hit this stretch on a ride to South Golden Beach a couple of years back. It was hot as fuck and google had directed us this way as it thought there was a road that connects through at the end of this coastal section. Turns out that connecting road is a sandy track that belongs to the utility companies. We ended up having to track back inland and detour via the hills to get around as you can’t get onto the highway there.

how good was this day though?! Gypsy cracking his seatpost, getting cooked all day by that sun, the world’s best green cordial at the stop.revive.survive van and trying to ride soft sand on 23’s.

Damnation, I thought this was a chance to get out my tweed cycling suit…then it turns out to be some area of NSW?

Yeah it still was pretty rad. The best was that Mrs Ants’ uncle in South Golden was freaking as I’d given him a time to expect me but forgot about daylight savings. I was bang on time but he had been waiting for an hour.

If anyone wants to put there hand up to help with the battle of the border in the convoy, they are still in need of volis- it is one of the biggest races in Australia now, They are running 9 convoys, they need neutral spares, drivers for the officials,
It is a chance to see racing from a very different angle.
If you need to stay overnight and can help for a couple of days there will be accomodation available- but expect long days- and it;s hard work too!

I really wanted to do the 130km option, but am down as a race official for the whole weekend- this is one hard ride, the 180km is pure evil!!!
I may be able to geto ut early on friday to get the 50km ride in, not sure i fancy doing the 130 on my own on a friday arvo