Tweed Ride 2 and Chap'n'wealth Games

can hockey masks be worn in case of an errant puch to the face?


I commute in hard yakka shirt and pants, is twill ok? It even shares an unlikely first two letters with that other fabric (which is far less fire retardant, btw)

Just scored some vintage Cumberland Tweed on eBay. Now to choose a suitably vintage bike, no carbon this time.

Sweet! Carbon = fail :sunglasses:

I’m just finishing off my “Shamsterdam” with chicken-chaser bar, panniers, mudguards and fatties. Multispeed but the cassette is an 11-19t corncob.

I hope you don’t mind if I give this a mention on a new canberra forum.
Let me know if it’s an issue and I will delete it.

Listen out for the interview on ABC 666 this afternoon, around 2.20pm! :slight_smile:

Can’t roll to this one… I have a race on at Mogo the next day.


Tweed Ride 2 is only a week away! That means it’s your last week to get a smashing outfit together (assuming you don’t already live in tweed, of course) and get your bike dandied-up to the nines.

As you’re aware, we gather at Remembrance Nature Park behind the War Memorial at around 11am next Saturday. Some of us will arrive a little earlier to sip tea and enjoy a scotch finger biscuit or a pipe, according to taste.

Then we shall strike forth in style, touring the Inner North and arriving at King’s Park around 1pm for picnics, Floriade and the Chap’n’Wealth Games. Competitions and events will suit both cyclists and pedestrians, so don’t hesitate to invite your non-bike companions to join us!

So make ready a hamper, something nice to drink and a stiff upper lip if the weather happens to be inclement. We’re a bluff bunch of chaps and ladies; well dressed and determined to ride on - fair weather or foul! I can’t wait to see you all there.

Charmed and Delighted as Always,


Roll call.

Anyone on here attending?? Looks like there’ll be over fifty chaps and ladies, judging by the FB page alone.

FYI I’ve got at least three bike related competitions lined up for the Chap’n’wealth games, i’m thinkin’ fixies would be an advantage in them all…yes, i’m slightly biased.

Might see some of you out there.


I’m busy renovating before my first child is born (in 5 weeks!) but I would like to come for a little sticky beak. will I be chastised and pelted with bottles for untweedness?

Chastised - yes. Pelted - no.

Although I cannot vouch for the behaviour of a rowdy rabble of Edwardians after a few hits from the ol’ hip flask.

my closet is lacking in tweed. chastise if you must!

Tweed not mandatory but have a look at the peeps photographed on this site at the Sydney ride. Not all in tweed but certainly in the theme.

Good luck with this! I wish I could come, I’ll be down Narooma-way for another occasion.

Did we forget to mention that the ladies who will be joining us are absolutely gorgeous?

With predictions of sun and 22C, I’m wearing a light cotton suit and bringing plenty of ice-cold champers.