Tweed Ride 31 July

I’ll be kitting up for this:

Will also be out (though without a period correct bike, unfortunately) as will be a few friends. Hope to see some of you folks there, I’ll be the bloke in tweed and a red fixed pursuit bike.


I don’t own any tweed :frowning:

Cut off old-man trousers, a button up shirt and a tie. Done!

Bumping this.

I’ll be there on the black bike. And with the old man with his 1940 BSA 3speed.


Was good fun today. Saw a few familiar faces around but am yet to put names to most faces.

Does anyone have links to pictures?

These just popped up on Flickr:
Sydney Tweed Ride - a set on Flickr I’ve only had a quick look but I think Carlin makes an appearance.

Drozzy - I saw you, but didn’t get a chance to say hi. I think you’re also in the photos. What’s that red bike?
Oldbikerider: I met you, we had a chat under the tree about the frame you’d built. Nice job by the way.

Sydney Tweed Ride by joelzilla, on Flickr
Seems I lost the sprint to the girl with the basket. :frowning:

brahahahahah you need to ride more AD

what bike are you riding there??

The Diamond

eTomato - was riding the airwalk pursuit-ish frame, fresh from china. frame and fork for $200 shipped was pretty decent, in any colour of my choice and the candy apple red sparkle colour is actually pretty well finished. Fork is a Colossi segmented fork with raw steel/clearcoat. Rest is a mix of italian parts (ambrosio rims, campy cranks) and higher end bmx parts. Pretty comfy and solid commuter/every day bike.

theres alot of sepia and fish eye lenses in those photos

Yeah it’s supposed to be all old and shit…