Tweed Run

There’s a Tweed Run slated for Queens Bday in Sydney.

Anyone interested in a similar Canberra ride, maybe a joint event with Rat Patrol and other assorted northside freeeks?

in winter, yes :slight_smile:

At least someone’s finding new ways to be fixed nobs.



They should make it a movember thing given the amount of crazy nostril underliners.

nobs? tweed rocks … i picked out some mad houndstooth britches ikn melbourne would love to waer them with out the fear of bashing on the mean streets of canberra.

I’m in!!! (if there was a smiley with a tweed hat i’d put it here)

Or if you live in Chisholm, shot dead.

… Too soon?

haha - perhaps it was too soon, the thread went ‘dead’ quiet… :stuck_out_tongue: now the question is - where can i get some ‘tweed’ to meet the criteria for this run? at least considering it’s on the northside i won’t have to worry about getting the bullet proof variant

Just get an old potato sack.

It’s a comfort thang :wink:

I am interested to see the level of outfit to bike congruity at this. Tweed hats look shit after being crushed under a helmet all day long.

Thought I’d bump this back to the top after seeing steve today. Who’s up for it???

I think it’d be a good meetup.

Thanks for the bump!

Only two days to go till Tweed Ride - two more day to assemble your vintage outfit, trim your moustache, get that Brooks saddle you were always hankering for… prizes will be awarded for the best groomed participants and sweetest ride.

Rug up well and don’t forget a flask of something warming to drink. The plan this Saturday is to meet the main body of riders at Goreman House at 11.30am and roll away at noon.

This is a great social ride for fixies and “friends of fixies”, especially if they have a tasty classic bike or phunked-up banger to ride.

Let me know if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,

Tweed and rain… its’ going to smell like wet dog.

Looking forward to seeing the pics from this!

… and ale and pipesmoke!

Attendees include some of our local alt photgraphers (Cole Bennett, Alyeska, Deye Aus) so camera-whoring will be richly rewarded :smiley:

The guy on the right is post on here as “FRESH”.

Alright, it’s on tmw. Who’s coming???