Twisted spokes

I’ve never seen spokes laced like this. I reckon it’d be a pain trying to true a rim with spokes laced like this.

Really. Never?

silver much?

I made this last week…

Getting it true is indeed a bitch

Serious? It shouldn’t be different to any other 3x wheel to true.

  • Joel

any added advantages of twisting the spokes?

i hear they bring all the boys to the yard

imo advantages -

get to use up old spokes that are too long for anything else.
look different.
less stress at the hub spoke hole compared to running radial.

(basically none really - but that doesn’t stop me running one, 18 spoke front with 3 radial and 6 twisted each side)

Building and trueing the wheel wasn’t too hard (guessed the spoke length - though I think there is info out there to calculate the extra length you need), but I found it needed to be ridden in to tighten the twist, so retensioning was required until it felt tight.

The first ride was to a polo match - the twists tightened enough for all the twisted spoke nipples to work themselves off.
So I had to retrieve the 12 nipples from inside the rim and rebuilt the wheel on the bike in 15 minutes.

Played polo, road home and retensioned again, dropped some loktite on the spokes and spun the wheel to throw it up into the spoke thread, and it has carried my 105kg lardy arse for 12 months since.
The wheel does creak a bit if I am punching hard up a short pinch (probably should retension again as I’m sure the twist has further tightened - but the wheel is still straight so I kbf.

i saw one built up like this at RAYS in brunswick, to a start print Velocity deep V… looked… different :?