two bikes stolen.

one vintage 1978 Puch road bike. geared. blue metalic paint. with fade away accross the logo. mint condition

one purple fixed gear bike with one brake, and white deep vs.

if you see anything like that, much appreciated for information. sorry im still a student so no cash incentive ahah…

You might like to add where the bikes were stolen from

yeah cheers mate! they were stolen from my house in camberwell, near cnr burke road and toorak road.

still no luck?

I saw a purple single braked (front brake) fixed wheeler locked up near grace darling today, in all honestly I see quite a few bikes with those colors getting about so it probably isn’t it.

no luck :frowning: probably not much chance anymore. haha when i first made it. i was the only purple! stoopid hipsters biting me :stuck_out_tongue: