Two Hour Parking: 6pm Friday 29/5

Alleycat, point to point style, two hours to complete it. Your spoke card is your brevet.

Don’t forget:

Lid and lights
$10 contribution

See ya’ll at Goonbag…

Charging lights now.

Why does uni always have to schedule something for the same time as these events?

Any plans for more alley cats in the future, Im mega keen to have a crack.

Charged the Ayups last night… some prototype lights arrive on my desk today.
I apologise in advanced for blinding people tonight.

This was awesome! Thanks steve and trev!

Awesome way to spend a Friday night. Light coverage below:

The night started off meeting up at the ‘goonbag’ in Garema place. A good little crowd, just below the facebook attending list numbers so Ty doesn’t get to eat his hat again… one day it will happen. You better bring the nacho hat along for that day.

So after the checkpoints were verbally given out, and repeated… a bit of fumbling happened until someone piped up “when do we start”… NOW! So everyone scooted off in every direction. Simplespeed, BrakeFree and myself seemed to agree on which checkpoint to hit first and headed off on the same way… we were going to be spending a couple of hours on the bike, so we may as well make it social.

We headed down Adelaide Avenue, passed the dead possum (or sleeping…), and the broken down bus and arrived at Westfield parking lot. The directions for all checkpoints were simple. Always in a carpark and most of the time on the top level next to a fire hydrant. So we climbed up to the top carpark… checked out the hydrants, nothing to be seen. So we quickly darted over the bridge to the other carpark only to be left scratching our heads and trying to find the checkpoint. We saw a security guard so I got this pic as proof.

Just as soon as the pic was taken, BrakeFree moved a trolly to find the checkpoint. We marked and made our way to checkpoint 2. Back along Adelaide avenue which just so happens to be my morning commute, the next check point was 100m away from where I work so we quickly headed through the suburbs, down quiet streets and alley ways. The boys were a little thirsty by this stage so I let them suckle on my biddon :stuck_out_tongue: Sharing is caring. We heard shouting from behind us at one point where another couple of riders were making their way to Woden. The odds of this happening in such an out of way area were pretty slim… but hey, It’s canberra… you can’t go anywhere without bumping in to some hipsters :wink:

So we arrived at the carpark in Manuka and made our way up the stairs, passed the bong and empty bowl and checked in to the next point. Now at this stage, the boys were a little thirsty for beer. We were in a dark place, in two minds to stop for an ale or keep going. I didn’t just ride all the way to Woden and 100m away from my work just to get a beer, so with a quick snap “Lets fucking ride” we were out again on to the National Gallery of Australia carpark.

A quick ride past the smoking remnants of the soldiers club and a bit of a bitch about the waiting times at brodburgers and we were there checking in to the carpark at NGA. During the brief there was mention of bonus points at the NGA, I kind of missed it but the good listeners in my team knew exactly what the score was. I shortly found myself outside the gardens of the NGA in some kind of dome/space age temple. This moment was quite surreal, I had never heard about this place before and I don’t understand why. If you get the chance, go check it out at night. The bonus point was a photo for proof we were there. Here are the happy bunch hamming it up for the cameras.

The next checkpoint was in Dickson. A quick ‘nature break’ outside the National Library and we were on our way. We crossed Commonwealth Avenue bridge and made our way to Northbourne before quickly ducking up through Braddon and up towards Dickson. We met another group of riders at this point (Kilps?) and we all had trouble finding the checkpoint. I think the muggles got this one as it wasn’t to be seen.

At this point we were running out of time so we decided to smash down Northbourne and hit up one more checkpoint before returning to the goonbag. We found ourselves riding 2 levels underground at the famers markets to get the last checkpoint. This was probably one of the harder checkpoints to spot as it was a fairly big carpark with a lot of fire hydrants. Eventually we spotted it, checked in and headed back to the goonbag bang on 8.00… sweaty, tired legs and a massive smile on our faces.

Riders came trickling in as we retreated to the near by irish pub for an ale. Most of the riders made their way back and the scores were tallied on Johnny Squaretapers sophisticated spreadsheet. Eventually the winners were announced and everyone was merry.

Thanks heaps to Steve and Trev for organising the event. You boys deserve a massive pat on the back. Thanks to everyone that showed up, it was good to put faces to names as always and I hope to see you all there at the next one!

Thanks also to my fellow Two Hour Parkers Ty (Simplespeed) and Keith (BrakeFree). It was a good night to head out for a peddle with you both and come out in front at the end, I hope the $'s go to some refreshing beverages!

What a SIK FUCKING RIEEEDE! Christ I was knackered by the end of it - covered wot, 50km?? Great company and beer afters - thanks for the pix and writeup, L. Victory snatched by Ty, Keef and Ezy in a hard-fought contest (Trevi and yours truly pulling a close second). Huge thank to Jon D for the lend of a back wheel!

So awesome to see participation from !!!UNEXPECTED WIN!!! dudes like Victor, Tom, Alex, Gus, Ollie, etc. Really looking forward to what Trev and Paddy come up with next time.

Thanks for organizing it guys, was a ride of superior radness!