Two many moon ago

Hey who is up for a freaky ride?
Monday 27th August is once of those calendar events when Mars comes as close to earth as it will be in a long long time, (its supposed to look like end of the world two moons in the sky stuff) Im thinking a cool ride at around midnight. Please somebody join me as I do not fancy my chances with werewolves and the like at that time of night.

Costumes optional.

Do it

I could be in the city around 12:30 to meet you guys

Sydney or Melb?

A thousand appologies everyone, :oops:

it appears that this is an evil email hoax,
Damm the Super Commuter at my work!

pfft, this mars stuff is so 2003 :wink: Do the ride anyhow!

Damn I was bang up for a virgin sacrifice too :x