Typical Hillman lug work

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I’m looking into buying what i think is an old Hillman (Melbourne) track frame and wondering if there is a typical or common style of lug work for Hillman track bikes from the 80’s -90’s.

Any other identifiers? No other marks on the frame.


My Hillman from 86 has a stamp on the bottom bracket “3886” - presumably the 38th frame Gordon built that year.

My first tark was a chrome 85 Hillman, and had a ‘Z’ carved into the bottom bracket (like with a thin hacksaw), along with the build/year numbers. I was told (by the seller) that it was a mark of a genuine Hillman. Its long left me now, but can anyone confirm?

talked to one of henry hill (the founder)'s sons and gave him my number 2751 and he told me who commisioned the build, who build it and who painted it. so i suggest you ask the seller for the number on the bb shell and quote it to the guys at hillman
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+1 very friendly at Hillman’s. They were quick to tell me mine was a fake…and actually a Perkins.

Yep, I second that - drop into their Brunswick shop. Helpful guys.

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