tyre choices and sizes

Hey all!

I’ve been running 23mm vittoria zaffiro pros for about a year now and I am extremely happy with how they have been rolling, especially living on Swan st in Richmond, where there is a lot of glass and debris on the roads.

Although I have noticed people running 28mm tyres and I was was wondering what the pros and cons were from people that have actually ridden both or either on their bikes.

I was kinda thinking of trying out some 28mm vittoria randonneurs as there is a lot more rubber in them to deal with road debris and skids than the zaffiros whilst still jacking them up to a decent pressure. And i had seen the ‘cool’ kids’ pictures of skidded out randonneurs on their websites… particularly in SF. haha. so clearly people are riding them haha.

was just wondering what the nice folk of our lovely city Melbourne’s thought were towards tyre setups and the reasons involved.

thanks guys!

k go!

Randos are great on the street.

Pros: They don’t puncture too easily, they have lots of rubber, smooth out the rough surfaces, look pretty good for a 28 and as long you don’t skid they last quite a few kms.

Cons: Heavy, slow (they may be pros?), if you skid they wear out real fast.

Get them from Abbotsford. If you try them out and don’t like them - you can probably flog them off here :slight_smile:

Another pro, is that after riding 23’s at 100+psi, 28’s at 80 feel like your riding on a cushion. Soooo much smoother over the bumpy stuff.


another vote for Randos

23 Gators

yep, randos, 28s
though i say another con is their square-ish profile. not often that i turn sharp on them, but i do love my fixie pedal-in-time-slalom, and i can feel them on the edge. its a small con, but a con. i love them so much.

i just got a $20 32 michelin for the back. it just fits between the stays, if i put my wheel towards the back of the dropouts. i’m not sure how it will ride, but it looks Fat, quite literally…
75 p.s.i. i’m going to ride to the shops now and see how it corners at speed.

I put 28s in for melbourne roubaix, for a long time roady they are just so plush but feel just that bit sluggish.

All the other bikes have 23s: conti gatorskins, gp4000s, rubinos, michelin prorace.

I ride both Zaffiros 25’s and Rando 28’s… the Randos are awesome! I ride Bridge Rd/Swan St every day through the crap and never had a flat. Bulletproof!

Conti Duraskin 28
Maxis Detonator 28
Maxis Re-Fuse 25

All good but the Contis are the best.

Currently running some Ritchey 29 cross tyres on the fixie. Because of the knobs, it’s more like a 32 slick tyre. Like LAM, just clears the stays. Probably rubs alittle when the frame flexes under power but seems to ride OK. Very plush and confidence inspiring but sluggish like PiledHigher said.


has anyone tried the conti ultrasports? 23’s they seem a little cheaper and possibly a little harder wearing

Yep. tried 'em & binned 'em. Slippery like toddler snot in the wet & cut up too easily. Spend a few more bucks and buy gators - nicer compound, better ride, more durable.

thanks capt. will do.