Tyres for skidding

As a new and enthusiastic member of the “Melb tyre destruction crew” *, I have found myself with a rear tyre that now has a rather square profile and I discovered after today’s ride that along with some very substantial cuts, it also has at least one chunk of rubber ripped out of it down to the casing.

It was a Maxxis Refuse in a past life…

I know that I should probably limit my tyre abuse to on gravel, but that’s hard: it’s just fun to skid wherever you may be!

So, has anyone found any tyre that is in any way ‘resistent’ to skidding or that is likely to stand up for some period of time?

*Rogaine, 2007.


conti gatorskins.
best tyre ever.
i love em.

What size do you run?

Would 28 (with more actual rubber) be better than 23 or 25 maybe? Or would they be much of a muchness? (are the contact patches essentially the same?)

we run 23,s. they seem greta. i use them for work and get a LOT of wear out of them.
my rear did nearly 2000 work K’s before i tossed it, and even then it was because if a gash, not because it was showing canvas.
had a guy comeinto the shop one day last year who demanded to know how long a set of gatorskins should last.
told 2-3000 k’s on a geared bike, but if they lasted less that wasn’t too big a deal.
he was suddenly a lot more cheerfull and told me he needed a new set cause his had died after 8000K’s :-o
so you should be fine with them.

Sweet, Gatorskins it is then. Thanks.

I’ve just realised that I might have another contributing factor in my tyre usage:

Becasue I have these rims, I can only run 80psi tyre pressures, which means that I have a greater contact patch than desirable. I’m assuming that the result of skidding on this contact patch is that the tyre has worn quicker than it might have if I was running a higher pressure.


Mike, can you please just get some hooked bead clincher rims? Hell, I’ll even build them up for you for a short black - just get some rims man!


What? And not be able to regail you with tales of how frickin’ vintage and idiosyncratic my rims are? Why would I want to stop doing that?

Fear not Nath, plans are now in motion.

I read somewhere of people cutting the beads off one set of tyres and mounting them inside an outer set of tyres so that they can skid clean through the casing without fear of puncture.

not something I’d like to do too many Ks on but would give peace of mind to the skidaddicted.

tell me what number of spokes you have, and i might have some free rims for you.
they will probably be mismatched velocity something, but they will be worth what you paid for them.

Dude, have you seen tyre liners before. I just love em’ i really do.