UCI Track World Championships Apeldoorn

I didn’t notice a thread for this. Watched some of the highlights on tele last night- go Shane Perkins!
Nice to see an Aussie finally beating Hoy in the Keirin. Did you notice Hoy’s expression on the podium haha!

UCI Track World Championships 2011: Men’s Keirin, Route Maps & Results | Cyclingnews.com

the best win was frieburg in the omnium…

Anna Meares killed it in the sprint

my favourite meares one was when she beat pendo in the semis, pretty much locked up the jersey at that point

She did do great. But in the final she baulked a little about half a lap out, wasn’t sure if she was watching behind her or deciding to wind it up … looked indecisive whereas all other races she looked in total control and untouchable. Had me yelling at the TV a little, playing coach.

She’s such an awesome rider and digs deep all the time.

Felt a bit sad for Meyer but he’s got such a huge future ahead of him though. As a matter of fact all of Oz does, the young kids are indeed doing more than alright. Good to see, and they look a cleaner bunch then the old guard.

like two nights later, in the madison…

Perkins win in the kierin was great, beating Hoy. It almost looked easy!

We really are the shiz on the track.

^ And on the road! Give it a few years and there will be a GC grand tour win - my $0.02

Let’s hope there’s no massive form reversals come Olympics…

no doubt, i was watching the second sprint heat that meares won and was just sitting with a smile on my face at the ease that it took. love the psychology involved in it all.

i’m actually starting up at DISC next week with brunswick and im really excited. good vibes going on down there it seems.

i think i just fell a little bit in love with gregory bauge:


YouTube - Bauge vs Kenny sprint world championships 2011 final 1

haha love this part:

But the track sprint king did not rule out a possible match against the currently fastest road sprinter, Mark Cavendish (HTC-Highroad), who moreover is no stranger to the track. “That would be awesome, a sprint against him on the road,” Baugé replied when asked if he thought he could beat him. “I think I’d beat him, yes. But I would need adapted material - a road bike is less stiff than our bikes. I would be afraid of putting out all I have.”

Fuck Grégory, get on the road bike and beat them all!

Winning attitude and some serious bike skills


just quietly, i think that was probably more ass than class…