uh-oh, here we go again (ebay madness)

OK people get those loans ready :slight_smile: I get first dibs!


  • Joel

Look i love fixies, but not that much. $300.00 AU for a frame older than me, madness. How about a noice 7005 alloy track frame with no stainless steel drop-outs, then when you change the wheels you chew the shit of the track ends? Or get one of those BT carbon thingies, bring some style to Saturday mornings.

aaaw come on grumpy, if we don’t save these things, who will?

no shortage of perfect, boring alloy/carbon crap around. Around 60 years later? Nope.

  • Joel

I’d buy it for $300. That’s really an oldie - 110mm spacing.

Good use for BMX hubs…

come on, most hubshells haven’t changed size since the 1930s anyway. Just the axle spacing. but yes - 110 is cool!

  • Joel

I’m a firm believer in respacing the dropouts. THat way, you don’t need to have different wheelsets for different frames.

oh come on, as if you’d be using a 40 hole tubular wheelset on any other bike :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Good luck with the auction mate. I wonder what the reserve on the frame is. If you win it, will you build it up?

yeah I’ll build it up. There’s a local guy here with a nice pair of 27" track wheels. I might have to swap a nice 700c set for them. His frame/fork is 700c anyway.

  • Joel

Alloy, Carbon,

Style??? I don’t see any there!

Your confusing me…