UHF handheld radio - MELB

random question, and if anyone has an issue with it, hit the report button in the bottom left corner of this post, but does anyone in MELB have a handheld UHF radio i could borrow from 29/11 - 7/12?

need to try and organise one by friday night.

can collect.

there’s too many options out there to buy new and i would ideally like a built in unit for the car.



I have one.

can i, uh, borrow it?

Yes, definitely.

I’ll take it to work tomorrow if you wanted to come into the CBD and get it.

EDIT: I’ve used it on car runs and doing site visits up tracks that are frequented by log trucks, it’s got more than enough range for a hand held.

fuck, i genuinely love this place.

we’ll sort it by text, that’s exactly what i wanted to hear in terms of range etc.


What are you using it for, that is the question

a friend and i are planning on watching you from afar, waiting, hoping, for that magic moment when the shirt comes off.

secret rolly business

here’s a hint.

over and out.