uhhh $6000?

nice frame, but the rest? seriously? Why ruin something with white hipster wheels?

Early 80s DE FRANCESCHI Pista Italian Track Bike Bicycle Fixie Fixed Gear | eBay

This would look good if it had the JKLP treatment.

Typical Australia pricing model… $6000 here means it would go for $1500 in the rest of the world.

Track Bike converted into a fixie

Oh right… because it wasn’t fixed when it was a track back.

The wheels are a sin I agree but its the bar/stem combo with the quill adapter that has got me wanting to hurt this individual.

the saddle angle is perfect

Nothing aero about bars that you cant tuck into…

This deserves to be in the Bike Anti porn thread…

so shit

The frame is fuckugly to start with .

and so what if they were NOS, they aint now. All parts were New at some stage.

Hope it doesn’t even get 1 bid