Ultimate Pug Mixte?

Peugeot Bike UO8 Mixte W Phil Wood Wheel SET | eBay

Phil hubs, WI freewheel, nitto, VO, Brooks, MKS, Sugino etc

Anyone got a nicer frame to swap everythng onto?

That crate! Horrible!

I like it, it’s different. Certainly worth the BIN of $500.

I just don’t get the reverse mounted brake levers. And that seat is made for someone with a much bigger backside than mine.

Yep, good buying for components alone, if you have a use for them all.

Wheels would be ~$350 alone 2nd hand.

I don’t mind the frame, yes UO8s are pretty ordinary but the Aztec lugs have character. Agree good value

would that pug be just HLE tubing then? Seller also seems to either make and sell some interesting cycling caps.

that’s a very cool ride !!!

There is some very good buying for the parts included there.