unbelievably hot 112 year old bike


i dont even know where to begin with how great i think this is. i’d like a different seat on it.

Nice bike but the rear axle mounting step is on the wrong side.

That is amazing.

frame looks nicer than most today

and i love the lantern on the front

cast aluminium! that thing is so beautiful, the seat post binding bolt on the inside of the main triangle is amazing,

being cast aluminium it must be solid right? and the bottom bracket headtube and seat tube drilled out? wonder how much it weighs?

it looks very steam punk

let’s draw straws to see who emails him to find out how much the frame weighs.

agree on the steampunk! - but if it was made in the states, wouldn’t you be stepping out onto the kerb from the right … or should it always be opposite the drive side?