Under the steel wheels

While back in the homeland back West i came across my old VHS copy of Hector Hazard’s “Under the steel wheels”, a doco about pushies in the mid (early?) 90’s in Melbourne. Working for Dart i think? Havent watched it in 7-8 years.

Anyhow, if someone has the know how and the williingness to chuck it onto DVD then i am willing to send it out to everyone who wants a copy (with postage contribution of course). I have no idea how to do it. I just play on the internet.

I am assuming it is not available anymore? i cant find it for sale anywhere.

Well I can’t help but I’d love to see it.



well if someone has a VHS player and the willingness to have sweaty riders in their place (not me, i dont have a video player :-D) we can have an “official” viewing!

averyone happy to come to karratha?
excellent see you all fri around 8ish bring beer and pizza$ :wink:

if there is someone with a decent video card, just use the AV in port on it and dub from the VCR to the hard drive.
then burn as an iso image.
viola, instant dvd.
it is actually that easy as long as your video card supports it.
and make sure you use a really VCR or the quality will be crap.

bloody hell. I can do it.

So could I untill my computer died this week.
but the new laptop on the way might just be able to do it.

sounds wicked, i’d love to see it.

i’d like to see it too. someone digitise it and put it on the web somewhere…

Ha i know they have beer in Karratha but pizza???

getting a bit cosmopolitan up there.

Tape is available for you if you so chose to take up the mission.

cool. you in melbourne?

I’m also happy to do this conversion. I’m in St Kilda area. Send me a message if interested.

Hey, this is Josh, aka. Gurldogg, aka #50 from the Dart Courier heyday back in the 1990’s. I’m in “Steel Wheels” (the guy in the top hat and the pink suit) and I just submitted the film to a bike film festival here in Seattle where I live now. Get in touch with me at jokrent@gmail.com and I’ll send you a digital copy. Watch Youtube over the next few weeks for section of the film. Cheers, #50