Undoing a stuck bottom bracket lock ring.

Any other suggestions other than the hammer and screw driver trick? I don’t care if I destroy the lock ring (just not the frame), I just need to get the bottom bracket out! I squirted the shit out of it with WD-40 and tried to undo it, but the blade of the screwdriver just eating away at the lockring.

I have been through this myself.

Get the correct tool or take it to someone that has the tool.

There is too much pain to do it any other way.

Get the tool. I bought one not long ago about $17 I think, so so good having the right tools. You’ll probably use it more than you’d think.

Stop hammering it, you’ll wreck the lockring and have to resort to channel locks/pipe wrench.

Are you in Melb and are there notches on the lockring 180º apart? You can borrow my Hozan lockring pliers if so. Far, far better than lockring spanners, much better grip.

In the meantime, get rid of the WD40, it’s mostly kero, buy some Penetrene/Kroil and soak the BB in it (immerse it if you can)

Nah, I’m in Adelaide.

Thanks for the offer though.