Undrilling a Fork

Hi guys

I have a chrome fork that came with a track frame that I bought off eBay, however the previous owner has drilled the fork.

I finally have everything to put my build together however I am thinking that I want to get the fork hole filled in if possible.

Does anyone know if this can be done or where to start looking for someone to help?

Car bog.
Are you sure he drilled the original forks or were they manufaxtured that way?

Despite all of this…car bog.

April Fools?

If just for appearance, surely you can just plug it will virtually anything, a masking tape??

Go to Bunnings…
Buy a negative hole

but if you bog it, you would have to get it painted.

Unless you can chrome bog…

shit missed that word…silver hobBY paint?

It was drilled for a brake, in the original state there was no hole as it was only ridden on the track.

No April fools, I just want it to look like it had never been drilled

You’re so smart… why didn’t i think of that???

Inverse drill bit…

Is it pantographed or something?

Yes its panto

If a track fork has been drilled, this is essentially the same as killing the soul of the track bike. You may as well buy a new bike.

You need a chrome plug:

Get someone to fill it with braze and then get it rechromed. Flick Brakefree a message and see if it can be done and for how much. He might be able to collect the fork when he’s in town soon (cos hes from Can-bra)

BTW Sim Boner, what did you do to provoke this wave of smart-arsery?!

You could weld it up and file it smooth but the chrome will be shot. How about - Aarons’s Body filler suggestion or fill it with quick steel epoxy metal putty (this stuff is amazing for those who have never used it btw). You can shape it easily with your fingers and it takes a while to cure so you have plenty of time to get it right. light sand/file and paint the fork crown ONLY - leaving the blades and fork ends chrome.

Poor advice. A standard drill bit needs to be reversed in the chuck. An inverse bit will jam.

@DICE Thank you I will

@horatio I am hoping to bring him back to life :slight_smile:

@Dice I am asking for it clearly

Just run a brake and be done with it.

You will have to dechrome the fork, fill the hole, repolish & plate the fork… It will cost you a fortune. Spend the money on something useful.