[unfixed] Crank Brothers wheelsets

So freaking pretty… from CyclingNews’ Eurobike coverage.

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Is this the way of the future? If only insane-spoke-patterns had a standard…


No doubt they’ll be pricey.

I wonder if the fact that they’ll be making the Maverick Speedball posts means they’ll do a Maverick hubbed version of the wheels. Now that would be nice, I’d buy em for sure (Maverick fork has a non standard axle size 24mm meaning you have to use their hub with it).

ugly as a truck full of hatfulls.

Ah, spoken like a true engineer :evil:

oh, great.
yet another company designing wheels without thinking for 2 seconds how you are going to keep them true.
ever wonder why the old shimano 545 wheels were so crap? because they had huge gaps between the spokes and as soon as you buckled the wheel a tiny bit, that was it. no way to true the section BETWEEN the spokes.
Campy’s weird 3 spoke cluster lump of feces? buckle it in a week, buy a new one in 2.

for fucks sack people, think before you buy this kind of shit.
how do you take a ripple out of a rim with 20cm+ between spokes?
answer: YOU DON"T!

once you buckle these, and you WILL buckle them, they are proper fucked. go buy a new rim type fucked.

one good set of hand build, symmetrical patterned, reasonable spoke count wheels will be strong, light, long lasting, true-able, and won’t make your local wheel wright try and stab you with a screwdriver.
you have been warned.

(and, YES, i have been working on really stupid wheels for the last week. have a look at some of FSA’s moronic retarded shit for examples of how NOT to build wheels).

Ah, spoken like someone who is truly pissed at the world :evil:

… and yes I saw the blood all the way up Edward St!

I’mma send all my zen up your way.


christof, Donga, roguedubb; That’s the trifects of awesomeness right there.

Eat more pizza and drink more beer - being a fat bastard makes these new-fangled wheel designs irrelevant. :smiley: